Apprenticeship Reforms FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changed? 

The Apprenticeship system and its funding are undergoing a dramatic transformation. As a result of Government reforms, a new way of funding has been introduced and a new style of apprenticeship is being designed to meet the changing needs of employers, learners and providers.

Whatever the size of your company, there are changes and costs now in force that will affect you. If you own or work for a small, medium employer or are employed by a school, please click on the links below to see our information sheets.

Small employer           Large Employer

  • If your company has a paybill in excess of £3m annually, you will pay the Apprenticeship Levy. Please click on the following link for more information.

What will this mean for my company? 

  • If your company is small to medium, it will have to contribute 10 per cent of the cost of training an apprentice, and the government will ‘co-invest’ by paying the remaining 90 per cent. Call us and we’ll explain exactly what this will mean for you.
  • Businesses with under 50 employees won’t pay any contribution if they employ apprentices aged 16-18.
  • All employers will receive a £1,000 bonus payment if they recruit a young person aged 16-18.

How will this affect my current Apprentices? 

  • It won’t. Anyone enrolled before the 1st of May 2017 will be funded for the full duration under the terms and conditions that were in place when the scheme started.

What Apprenticeships does VTS offer? 

Click on the course level for more information.


Call us on 01702 353557 if you have any queries, or if you have members of staff to enrol. 

Alternatively, email our Office Manager, Shannon True, at [email protected] for an information pack.