Quotes from learners and employers:

We’ve been delivering the Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools qualifications for a while now, and here’s a selection of comments from learners who achieved their qualification with us recently:

The King Edmund School:

“A hugely worthwhile course for anyone working with children. It has encouraged me to look at how I can improve pupils individual learning and focused me on the many difficulties children face every day at school. It was particularly useful to look at Government Legislation to get an aerial view of education and how this affects every child in the UK. My Tutor was so encouraging and made the course work very easy to understand and achieve my goals; Thank you”

”The course was professionally delivered in manageable units of work. My tutor was very helpful and easily contactable; our regular meetings helped keep me on track and were an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback face to face. This course is highly recommended.”KES-LEARNERS-285x228

“I’m currently doing the level 2 course. I didn’t really want to do it because I lack confidence. The only reason I got through this was because of the help and support I got from VTS’s assessor, she was always there when I needed her , she also has boosted my confidence so much so that I now feel I perhaps could do another course. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

Moulsham Infant School:

“Both our LSA’s are now more skilled and self-assured and consequently have been more effective in their roles in school. VTS’s assessor is very easy to talk to and extremely helpful”.

Ramsden Hall School:

“Prior to doing this course I had not studied for years therefore I was a bit apprehensive, however with the guidance and expertise of VTS’s assessor I grew with confidence throughout the course. I have now completed the level 2 and have learnt a lot along the way, it has helped my role as a Learning support assistant and I am looking forward to doing the level 3.”

We have recently devised a three day awareness programme for Care Homes and Domicillary Care providers. Comprising awareness training in Fire Safety, Health and Safety, Food and Hygeine, Epilepsy, Moving and Handling, COSHH and Infection Control, Care Planning, SOVA and First Aid, here’s what Bluewater Care had to say about the training they received:

Bluewater Care:
• “All the courses were delivered in a professional manner.”
• “The Tutors were relaxed and enthusiastic”
• “Plenty of useful information and examples”
• “I have improved my knowledge”
• “Very enjoyable and informative”
• “I have really enjoyed the whole three days, thank you for all the time spent with the tutors and for all the information and handouts. I would not hesitate to recommend this programme to others”.

A selection of comments from Apprentices and Employers:

Thobe Gudu, who worked at Katherine Court, said of her assessor, Helen Kozoglu: “”Thank you for all the support you gave me and for being there whenever I needed assistance and encouragement. You are the most supportive, approachable and helpful person I have ever had the privilege of working with.”

Vicky Wiltcher , who works at Abberton Manor near Colchester says, ” working on my Level 3 Diploma has given me the knowledge and confidence to have applied for and gained a Team Leader role. Researching and learning more on dementia and Infection control helps me in my own working role.  But I couldn’t do it without guidance from my assessor Anthony McGenn”

Chloe Smith: I’m very pleased with my tutor, Jane Ling, who has helped me so much. Thank you.

May Leverington: “Your assessor/tutor, Elizabeth is so unique. I have never known anyone like her. She is so passionate about Childcare and I wouldn’t have completed my level 2 without her. ”

Joe Humphries: “Before I started college I had a really negative view on learning. But when your tutor started teaching, my views changed. She makes me want to achieve and do well. She is so enthusiastic and lovely! I couldn’t ask for a better teacher.”

Megan Bright: “Your tutor is an amazing teacher who makes being at college enjoyable – she makes lessons fun and entertaining but at the same time really interesting.”

Chelsea Sargent: “Elizabeth is the definition of an amazing teacher – very helpful and understanding”

Ashley Marsh: “Your tutor is lovely and I wouldn’t have got through the course without her”

Jess Everett: “Your tutor helped me complete my level 2 and I’m now doing level 3 – but I couldn’t have done it without an amazing tutor like her”

Your tutor is a great ambassador for VTS – always reliable and professional” (Kenway Court)

“Thanks to your assessor for helping me achieve my level 3. You were brilliant and very patient” (Jessica Smith, Learner)

“Thanks to Helen Kosoglu for all your help and support” (Christina Eggleton, Learner)

“I enjoyed the first aid course. Your tutor was friendly and approachable” (Julia Hammond, Learner)

“Your assessor is like a breath of fresh air – smart, polite and professional. She is the best assessor we have ever had” (100 Acre Wood, Employer)

“I could not have achieved the qualification without the support of your assessor” (Jenny Jones, Learner)

“Thanks to your assessor for being supportive, understanding and encouraging” (Denise Banks, Learner)

“Thanks to Sharon (Birch) for all you have done for me in this course – you are a diamond!” (Kim, Learner)

“I would like to thank Sharon (Birch) for her encouragement, her patience and her belief in me. I think she is a great credit to your company.” (Miss H. Mckelly, Learner)

“I was apprehensive about joining the course but my tutor was so supportive that I found myself forgetting to be nervous and just learning more and more. Now I have a job as a result”. (Greg Brooks, Learner)

” Your assessor is very supportive and helpful, and gives lots of encouragement” (Tiffany Saunders, Learner)

“Dear Brenda (Parker) – It was a real pleasure to be your student because you are a fantastic assessor”. (Vita, Learner)

“Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to reach my full potential. I could not have achieved the level 3 without you and thank you not just for being a great assessor but a great friend.”(Jenny, Learner)

“Emma Henigan’s enthusiasm and dedication is fantastic, and I’m sure it spurs my staff on to get their work done and achieve their qualifications” (Dizzy Ducks Day Nursery, Employer)

“To all the VTS team and my assessor – All your team are doing a great job – I now love my job because of your patience and effort.” (Martha, Learner)

Feedback from our recent 3 day awareness courses (First Aid, Epilepsy, Health & Safety, Infection Control, Medication, Safeguarding, Manual Handling, Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty)

Britannia Lodge:

” I learned new techniques to implement in my work”

“Everything about the course was enjoyable”

“I enjoyed the approachability of the tutor and the way she explained things”

“People were able to freely express themselves”

“There was lots of examples and time for discussion”

PTLLS course feedback:

Imperial Day Nursery: “A clear and easy to understand presentation – everything was very thoroughly explained”

Ormiston Park Academy: “This session has given me ideas that I can use in my job. The presentation was easy to listen to and ensures we understand what we’re doing.” ” The tutor’s delivery was excellent. She was always concise and used terminology well.”

Sandcastles Nursery: ” The session provided clear information, setting a foundation to support my learning and development for this course. ”



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